Our only limitation is our belief that it is so.

Children born with cerebral palsy will get a life-time prognosis around the age of two. With this label or classification, their development potential is fixed and often a self-fulfilling prophecy is started. Research and countless real life cases indicate that we can help kids to move and grow beyond their believed limits during their childhood.


Help children reach their maximum potential

Our mission is to unlock the maximum potential in children with cerebral palsy by focusing on neuroplasticity, the development of nature based therapies; while connecting and guiding families and caregivers.

Key Facts
1 IN 500

From all the children born, 0,2% has cerebral palsy


Children in The Netherlands have this movement disorder


This means that as children get older, their CP will not worsen.


Half of people with CP are fully intellectual capable

More facts about CP
"Nothing happens
until something moves"
- Albert Einstein