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    Moving Beyond Limits Foundation is registered in The Netherlands with the following details.

    Stichting Moving Beyond Limits
    Spaarndammerstraat 111-E
    1013 TD Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Contact person

    David Opdam
    Phone: +31 6 16 83 22 13
    Email: david@movingbeyondlimits.org

    IBAN: NL 88 INGB 88 88 88 888

    Let’s Connect

    Moving Beyond Limits was founded in 2021 by a dedicated team of professionals. The three founders also form the board of the foundation

    David Opdam
    David Opdam
    David is founder of rewilding agency “Wild by Nature” since 2020 and is very passionate about re-connecting people with nature and the regeneration of our planet ecosystems. As a father of a 11-months old special needs boy, David initiated Moving Beyond Limits on a mission to help disabled children by developing nature based therapy retreat programmes.
    Wendela Oosthoek
    Wendela Oosthoek
    Wendela is founder of Wens Kinderpraktijk since 2016, focused on children who could use extra help with mental, behavioral, spiritual, somatic and/or social problems. As a mum of a special needs child, she believes in brain plasticity and neuromovement, while being determined to use her abilities as child therapist to help disabled kids move and grow beyond their ‘believed’ limits.
    Thomas Vles
    Thomas Vles
    Thomas is a true, all-around entrepreneur. With his broad educational background in Psychology, Physics and Astronomy, his extensive skill set, and his social aptitude for networking and bridge-building, he has been able to effortlessly blend his passion with his purpose: creating companies, opportunities, and products that improve the everyday lives of a new generation. Thomas will help Moving Beyond Limits in lifting its foot off the ground.